July 15, 2021

The Benefits of Having Your Pool Professionally Cleaned

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Pool cleaning has come a long way since bleaching powder was used to clean pools in the 1800s. But now, the problem is that most people do not keep up with pool maintenance. Are you staying on top of your swimming pool care?

You do not want to keep your pool covered until the Las Vegas heat gets to be too much. There is nothing worse than being presented with a nasty surprise that smells (and can be dangerous too) when you open a dirty swimming pool.

DIY pool cleaning is alot of work. Save your pool and your summer with a pool cleaning service instead. Keep reading to learn all the benefits a professional pool cleaning will offer you.

Maintain Chemical Balance

Your pool needs to maintain a chemical balance to stay healthy. Balancing your pool involves the following:

  • pH
  • Total alkalinity
  • Sanitizer (such as chlorine)
  • Total dissolved solids
  • Calcium hardiness

If your pool has low alkalinity, it is at risk of corrosion and damage. The same goes for low pH, which can cause a pool lining to stain and wear. High pH can cause cloudy water, which can lead to health issues such as skin rashes.

If your chlorine levels are too low, you can risk exposure to germs that make their way into swimming pools. Exposure can lead to skin or respiratory illnesses and diarrhea or vomiting.

The CDC reports that 10% of public pool inspections lead to immediate closure because of improper chemical levels. Imagine how hard it is to maintain chemical levels in your pool!

A professional pool cleaning service will manage the chemical balance for you. This protects the longevity your swimming pool.

Get Organized

Consistency is vital when it comes to having a sparkling clean pool. After all, who knows when you will want to swim on a sunny Las Vegas day. Make sure your pool is ready when you are. Clean Living Pool and Spa is ready to do the work for you.

There are some daily tasks you should do. This includes running your pump and checking for bugs. However, a pool cleaning service will routinely clean and brush the pool as well as adding necessary chemicals..

The best pool cleaning company will offer schedule booking options, such as a weekly pool clean. Never worry about missing a pool clean again if you have a service managing when cleanings are due. During the Las Vegas heat, chemical levels need to be checked frequently due to the loss of chlorine in the hot sun.

Don't worry about knowing what maintenance is needed at a specific time. Your pool cleaning service will take care of it all and keep you updated with processes.  

You can also organize pool cleaning appointments around your swimming habits. You may have them in the morning so they never interfere with making the most out of your pool.

Work With the Seasons

A pool cleaning service will be able to work with the seasons. Pool cleaning tasks change with the weather.

For example, summertime is when chlorine levels should be kept within recommended levels. And when temperatures drop in Las Vegas around November, it is time for winterizing your pool.

Clean Living Pool and Spa is a local company. They will know the best tasks to keep your pool in the best condition.

Save Time

One of the main reasons pools quickly deteriorate is because people do not have the time to take care of them. In the height of summer, your pool can get dirty if you neglect daily tasks.

A professional pool cleaning service will manage tasks such as collecting debris. You can focus on tasks swimming and relaxing.

The right equiment and tools are as important as the right chemicals. We maintain your pool as efficient as possible. You never have to worry about your pool!

Equipment Checks

A pool cleaner will also identify any problems before they escalate and become more costly. There are several parts that need attention, such as the pool filters and pumps. If they start to decline, more severe issues such as the pool motor burning out may occur. Depending on the size of your filters, and your swimming habits, filters need to be removed and rinsed every 4-6 months.

There may be other types of damage you do not notice, which could escalate without attention. Your pool company will advise you about what steps to take. Your swimming pool care will improve with support!

Keep it Crystal Clear

If there is a chemical imbalance, not enough chlorine, or no regular pool cleaning, algae will grow. The result? Your pool oasis can turn green! In the heat of a Las Vegas summer, this happens almost overniht.

The same goes for dirty tiles and debris. You do not want to be floating on your inflatable lounge chair and notice bugs floating in the water around you. It is not only dangerous for your health but unsightly too.

If you entrust your regular maintenance to Clean Living Pool and Spa and have a regular pool cleaning service, your pool will stay crystal clear and sightly. It will be ready to use for any spontaneous occasion!

Water Safety Awareness

Another reason to pick a pool cleaning company is their local understanding. For example, they will know how quickly algae can grow during summer in Las Vegas. They have experience with any issues, such as specific bacteria that can be in the water.

They will also prevent any hazards from getting in the way when swimming. A loose tile or dirty water can also lead to damaged pumps or other equipment. Maintain water safety with a pool cleaning service!


A pool cleaning service often offers package services for routine pool cleaning. It will cost more long-term if you wait until it is in bad condition before taking action.

With a service, you will also save money because they will recognize problems early on. You can then take action before the problems worsen.

Keep Swimming With a Pool Cleaning Service!

Owning a swimming pool has benefits, from escaping hot Las Vegas days to having fun. However, it is a commitment.

A pool cleaning service guarantees your pool will stay in good condition. With the best swimming pool care, your pool's lifespan will increase and you can keep swimming!

Clean Living Pool and Spa offers the best pool cleaning service in Las Vegas. Contact us today to learn more about our services and packages.


Frequently Asked Questions

How much should I pay for pool service?

Of course, the larger the pool, the more time it will take to clean and service everything needed. Again, these are national average costs; your area may be cheaper or more expensive. As mentioned above, most pool cleaning services charge by the hour, unless you take advantage of a regular maintenance plan.

  • Small in-ground –10-12k gallons = $150-$170
  • Large in-ground – 13k gallons and bigger  = $175-$400

Is it worth having a pool cleaning service?

Owning a swimming pool comes with responsibilities, which is the price you pay for the joy of your own pool. However, you do not want all your free time to be taken up with pool maintenance. This is why you should hire a pool cleaning service to help:

  • Save Time
  • Stop Pool Cleaning Research
  • Spot Issues Early
  • Maintain Pool Value
  • Long-term Savings
  • Protect Your Health
  • Avoid Harsh Chemicals
  • Consistency
Experience the difference.
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