October 4, 2021

10 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Pool Cleaning Service

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Having your own swimming pool provides many benefits, especially to escape from the heat in places like Las Vegas. It is a dream for many people, which is why swimming pool sales continue to increase in demand. However, the dream can soon become a nightmare if you neglect pool cleaning.

Owning a swimming pool comes with responsibilities, which is the price you pay for the joy of your own pool. However, you do not want all your free time to be taken up with pool maintenance. Read on to learn why you should hire a pool cleaning service to help.

1. Save Time

Instead of spending your free time pool cleaning, you can enjoy your pool. You can schedule a pool cleaning service to come when you are busy. So you can utilize your free time to enjoy your pool and the health benefits it offers.

Also, pool cleaning is a lot faster when a professional does it. The best pool cleaner has the training to work efficiently, no matter the pool's issues, such as pool filter cleaning issues.

2. Stop Pool Cleaning Research

There is so much conflicting information online that pool cleaning can involve a lot of research. There will be no need to watch another pool cleaning youtube video ever again (unless you wish) with a pool cleaning service.

A pool cleaning service will do the job for you. And they will provide a wealth of information on how you can maintain your pool between their services. You will get the correct information the first time, without the headache of diving into the online world.

3. Spot Issues Early

The best pool cleaner will identify any issues with your pool before it becomes costly damage. Dirt can cover cracks, peeling, and other problems that will worsen without maintenance. You cannot spot some of these issues unless someone does a thorough clean.

If you know a pool cleaning service is coming, you can have peace of mind about any pool maintenance issues. They will address and prevent further problems, such as with your pool filter cleaner. And if there are other maintenance issues, they will flag them so you can take action.

4. Maintain Pool Value

A swimming pool can add value to your home in different ways. Although it is an investment, it can add 5 to 8% to your home's real estate value. It also provides physical and mental health benefits, which are priceless.

However, a swimming pool no longer provides value when it is dirty and unusable. Maintain its value for your own enjoyment and future home sales. It could even decrease the value of your property if it is in disrepair, as it suggests neglect of the property in general.

5. Long-term Savings

If a pool cleaning service is maintaining your pool and spotting any issues early, you will save money in the long run. Using a pool cleaning service prevents any problems from escalating into costly repairs.

For example, algae can cause damage to the pool and will cost a lot to remove if you let it build up over time. You can also get clogged drains, which can burn out the motor and harm your pool and wallet.

You also do not have to worry about investing in all the tools and chemicals you need for pool cleaning, which can also be costly.

6. Protect Your Health

It is not just your wallet that a pool cleaning service protects. They will also protect your health. A dirty pool has many health dangers, such as irritating skin, ears, eyes, breathing, and wounds. The bacteria and irritation can lead to infections, which would have been easy to prevent with a clean swimming pool.

Algae can also cause other safety risks. It is often slippery, which poses a physical injury risk. It also makes your swimming pool water murky, and poor visibility prevents you from spotting any animals or other troubles with your pool.

7. Avoid Harsh Chemicals

Cleaning a pool requires you to get the chemical balance right. It is no easy task, and if you get this wrong, there will be too little or too many chemicals. You may also use the wrong chemicals, which are harsher than you need.  

You can avoid unnecessary chemicals with a pool cleaning service. They will clean your pool with the right chemicals and amount. You do not have to worry about too many chemicals impacting your pool or anyone swimming in it.

8. Consistency

A pool cleaning service can arrange a regular clean, which keeps pool cleaning consistent. There are different steps to cleaning a pool, but the most basic, such as vacuuming, should be done weekly.

Scheduling a regular service means you do not have to worry about being consistent with your pool cleaning. You will have peace of mind that it is all being taken care of, and you do not need to keep track.

9. A Better Clean

You need the right tools, chemicals, and knowledge to clean your pool thoroughly. A pool cleaning service has the right tools to do so in an efficient manner. You can relax knowing that your pool is as clean as it can be and is safe to enjoy.

10. Enjoy Your Pool

You do not want your pool to become more work than pleasure. It can quickly seem like a drain on your resources if all you do is maintain it. A pool cleaning service ensures you can spend more time using your pool as it was supposed to be used: to enjoy it.

The Best Pool Cleaning Service

Imagine coming home to a clean pool every day. You can spend your free time relaxing and escaping the Las Vegas heat instead of having to pass because your pool is too dirty.

The benefits of using a pool cleaning service are endless. You do not only protect your time and money. You also protect your health.

Do you need pool cleaning in Las Vegas? Clean Living Pool & Spa LLC offers the highest quality pool cleaning, maintenance, and repairs around. Contact us today to learn more about our services.


Frequently Asked Questions

How much should I pay for pool service?

Of course, the larger the pool, the more time it will take to clean and service everything needed. Again, these are national average costs; your area may be cheaper or more expensive. As mentioned above, most pool cleaning services charge by the hour, unless you take advantage of a regular maintenance plan.

  • Small in-ground –10-12k gallons = $150-$170
  • Large in-ground – 13k gallons and bigger  = $175-$400

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