October 6, 2021

How Much Does Pool Service Cost?

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Calculating how much your swimming pool service will cost involves several different factors. Pricing can vary in different parts of the country, according to the size and type of pool you have, whether the services are for a residential or commercial pool and depending on the specific services that you require. Your pool service schedule will also affect cost; some require only a weekly visit while others need a twice weekly appointment. 

Determining how much your pool service will cost is a valid and important consideration when planning for a new pool installation. The ongoing maintenance costs will have to be included in your budget. Neglecting swimming pool maintenance is a serious mistake that could totally ruin your investment and lower your property value. 

This guide will provide some average costs for different services and pool sizes to help you plan ahead for pool maintenance.

What is Included in Standard Swimming Pool Service?

Every pool service company can offer different services which are included in a “standard” service option, either bi-weekly, weekly, monthly, or on demand. Most pool services are priced by the hour, and the average national cost is around $80 per hour. Purchasing a regular service package can mean significant savings, with most weekly service offerings averaging around $150 per week.  

Most pool service companies will include most or all of the following services in regularly scheduled pool maintenance plans: 

  • Vacuum Pool (as needed)
  • Brush Pool Walls and Floor
  • Skim Water Surface to Remove Debris
  • Empty Skimmer and Pump Baskets
  • Balance Water Chemistry
  • Backwash Filter (most companies charge extra for filter cleaning)
  • Clean Cartridges
  • Clean and Check Automatic Pool Cleaners
  • Adjust Water Level, as Needed
  • Check Operation of All Pool Equipment

Costs for Standard Pool Service

Of course, the larger the pool, the more time it will take to clean and service everything needed. Again, these are national average costs; your area may be cheaper or more expensive. As mentioned above, most pool cleaning services charge by the hour, unless you take advantage of a regular maintenance plan. 

  • Small in-ground –10-12k gallons = $140-$160 
  • Large in-ground – 13k gallons and bigger  = $175-$400

Costs for Extra Services 

Of course, any services outside the normal maintenance tasks are extra. Most of these are only occasional needs. Some pool services companies may even subcontract with another area company for related services, and they will have their own service fees. Some of the most common extra services requested from pool service companies include: 

Pool Inspections 

A pool inspection by a certified pool maintenance technician is a good idea whenever you have a home inspection, or if you have been handling your own pool maintenance for a while. You may also want a pool inspection if you suspect leaks or damage to your pool or equipment. The inspection will include the pool’s frame (above-ground), lining, walls, floor, drains, equipment, filtration system, surrounding borders, tile, and other related items. The average cost in the U.S. for a pool inspection is around $200. Some pool service companies offer a free inspection when you contract for a regular pool servicing plan. 

Acid Washing 

This special service requires draining and refilling your pool, so you must include the cost of a refill in your planning. The pool service involves scrubbing down the walls and floor with muriatic acid to remove stains and contaminants. This is a great treatment for a pool that has been neglected for a while, or every 2-3 years just to maintain a pristine pool environment. The service is quite a bit of work, so be ready to pay around $400-$600 for it. This is not for pools with vinyl liners. 

Hot Tub Maintenance 

Many homeowners also have outdoor hot tubs and these need regular maintenance, just like your swimming pool. Many pool service companies offer this service for an additional fee. It can often be included in your pool’s regular maintenance package, and can include equipment checks, basic cleaning, chemical balancing, and even some small repairs. One-time maintenance can cost around $150  with regular servicing adding around $80-$100 to your bill. 

Pool Area Landscaping 

Many homeowners create attractive landscaping around their pool areas and may require maintenance to keep it looking neat and attractive. Some landscaping companies will handle this for you, depending on the landscaping makeup and location. If it is integrated with the pool, it may be up to a pool service company to handle these tasks. Depending on your needs (trees/shrubbery, lighting, fencing, statuary, fountains, pool decking, etc.) you could pay an additional $150-$350 per month for this service. 

Additional Factors That Can Affect Cost 

There are some other factors that can impact your overall calculations when figuring what your pool service will cost. Different types of equipment or cleaning materials may cost more. Call Clean Living Pool and Spa for an inspection and quote today!

  • Saltwater Pools 
  • Filtration Systems 
  • Pool Heating Systems
  • Liability Insurance 
  • Electric Bill Impact
  • Water Bill Impact 


Hiring a professional pool service company to handle your pool maintenance tasks is certainly an additional expense, but it is one that pays dividends. Consider these benefits: 

  • Your pool is always ready for use 
  • Your home and pool are attractive places to host guests
  • Your pool is a great enticement to keep the kids home more (and their friends, too!) 
  • You save several hours per week for other pursuits 
  • You do not have to be exposed to pool chemicals 
  • You maintain your home’s additional resale value with a well-kept pool 
  • Your pool will last much longer with regular servicing 

Overall, you can expect to invest an additional $1500 to $5,000 per year in regular maintenance costs, depending on your pool size, area, and any additional services you require. Owning and maintaining a pool is a big responsibility, but one that returns many worthwhile benefits to the family that enjoys it. 


Frequently Asked Questions

Is it worth having a pool cleaning service?

Owning a swimming pool comes with responsibilities, which is the price you pay for the joy of your own pool. However, you do not want all your free time to be taken up with pool maintenance. This is why you should hire a pool cleaning service to help:

  • Save Time
  • Stop Pool Cleaning Research
  • Spot Issues Early
  • Maintain Pool Value
  • Long-term Savings
  • Protect Your Health
  • Avoid Harsh Chemicals
  • Consistency
Experience the difference.
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