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We appreciate your business and your loyalty. We promise to work hard to ensure the value of the service we provide! It means A LOT to us when we get recognized for our commitment of pool service. Read some reviews from some of our amazing clients!

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Full Weekly Service

Starting at $150 month

Weekly Service includes the cost of chemicals.
Filters are cleaned quarterly, to which a $45 chemical charge will be assessed.

  • Complete Water Analysis and Chemical Adjustment
  • Complete Skim and Netting of Pool
  • Complete Brushing of Walls and Steps
  • Complete Vacuum (as needed, based on pool usage and debris)
  • Empty Skimmer, Cleaner, and Pump Baskets
  • Clean Filters as Necessary (additional fees may apply)
  • Clean Salt Cell as Necessary (Salt Water Pools)
  • Complete Visual Inspection of Equipment

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Pool Maintenance Service


Filter Cleaning:
Let Clean Living Pool and Spa chemically clean your filters.  By chemically cleaning them it helps them stay cleaner and prolong the life of your filters. We recommend that your filters be cleaned quarterly. Price: $45-$75

Acid Wash:
When you water is “old”, it stops functioning properly, making it hard for your chemicals to work effectively and eventually causing them to stop working all together. When this happens, you will  begin to see both green and yellow algae start to grow on the walls and steps. To determine if your pool water is old and no longer functioning correctly, we test the "Total Dissolved Solids". The results should be no more than 2500 TDS. In Las Vegas it is common for most pools to be drained and washed every 2-3 years. Price: $450-$550

Tile Cleaning:
Because of the hard water in Vegas, white calcium begins to build up on your tile. The calcium creates an ugly crusty line all along the tile line of your pool. Often times people have the misconception that their pool isn't being taken care of properly when this calcium line appears. The truth of the matter is, there isn't anything you can do to prevent it! We often tell people that they can minimize the build up by simply rubbing it with a pumice stone or a razor blade, but even that won't make it disappear. In order to have the calcium removed, we must use special equipment to bead blast it off. This is an incredibly laborious job and can take our technicians 4-6 hours to remove. Price: $900+

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Repair Service

$$ Ranges - Calls our office at 702-539-3927 to schedule a Service Call.

An $100 service call will be charged to come out and diagnose your pool equipment problem. That $100 will be applied to the total cost of the repair.

  • Filter Repair/Cleaning/Replacement: Whether you need your filters cleaned, repaired or replaced, Clean Living Pool and Spa is ready to give you options when it comes to your filter service.
  • Motor Repair/Replacement: If you aren’t quite ready to purchase a new motor, rebuild your old one for a fraction of the cost. Clean Living Spa offers a 1-year limited warranty on any motor we install.
  • Pool Vacuum Installation/Replacement: If your pool cleaner doesn’t seem to be working the way it once did, give us a call today. Most vacuums can be fixed rather than replaced!
  • Pump Repair/Replacement: Pumps have moving parts and they do wear out over time.  However, they are serviceable.  Let Clean Living Pool and Spa replace what you have to instead of purchasing a new unit.
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"One Time"Service

Ranges from $175

Have the winter months left your pool a complete mess?  Let us take the pain out of the cleanup!  We will do everything to get your pool safe, clean, and looking great for the pool season!

  • Complete Water Analysis and Chemical Adjustment
  • Complete Skim
  • Complete Brushing of Walls and Steps
  • Complete Vacuum
  • Empty Skimmer, Cleaner, and Pump Baskets
  • Clean Filters
  • Clean Salt Cell (Salt Water Pools)
  • Complete Visual Inspection of Equipment
    *Pricing may change if the pool is green

Consulting Service

1 Hour of pool, chemistry and equipment consultation- $125

First time pool owner?  Overwhelmed with water chemistry? No worries, Clean Living Pool and Spa is happy to support the “Do-it-Yourselfers”.  We will walk you through equipment, maintenance, troubleshooting, water chemistry and much more!

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