January 19, 2022

Is Hiring a Swimming Pool Maintenance Service Really Worth the Money? Here's How!

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Owning a swimming pool gives you something for you and your friends and family to enjoy. But as for anything you may own and regularly use, it requires maintenance.

Maintaining a pool requires more than simply cleaning or replacing the water regularly. There can be mechanical components that you might need to consider and look after.

So pool maintenance can also be highly technical, especially if you have features like filters, temperature regulators, lighting and others.

If you have the time and expertise to implement regular inspection, cleaning and repairing to ensure a safe pool to use, you can save a little bit of money by going DIY.

But like most pool owners, you might be too busy to do things yourself.

And the good news is that you can guarantee an excellent, clean, safe and a properly functioning pool without stepping out of your own schedule to do all the maintenance work.

You can simply hire a professional contractor to make it easy for you.

And is it worth it?


Here are 7 reasons why hiring a swimming pool maintenance contractor is worth your money

  1. They have the proper tools for any need.
  2. They are expert troubleshooters.
  3. They can do maintenance work quicker and safer.
  4. They offer preventive maintenance inspections and interventions.
  5. They are up to date with the latest technology.
  6. They can ensure that your pool passes any regulations.
  7. They can keep your pool in excellent condition for longer periods.

They have the proper tools for any need

Most homeowners who own a pool, don't have the proper tools for perfect cleaning and repair.

But since a pool maintenance service is specialized to ensure clean and functioning pools, they surely would have all the equipment needed to do the job.

If you go DIY, you may quickly find out that you need to buy a certain list of equipment to do the job. So it is more convenient for you to simply call a contractor - someone who already has whatever your pool may need.

Swimming Pool Maintenance

They are expert troubleshooters

Pool maintenance service providers already have extensive experience in repairing, maintaining and even improving pools. So you can be sure that they would know what they’re doing when you call them for any pool problem you have.

When you go DIY, there might be issues that you’ve never encountered before. And to address it you may have to hire a professional anyway.

You may not have the time to figure all of these out but if you do, you still won’t be able to fix things as fast as a professional can do.

Also, when you resort to trial and error, the chance of “error” can possibly worsen whatever problem you’re trying to handle. So it still would be best to simply hand the work to someone who can quickly identify your pool problem and implement that exact, effective solution.

They can do maintenance work quicker and safer.

A professional swimming pool maintenance service provider has the expertise to quickly assess your pool for problems and improvement needs. Unlike you who may have to guess and double-check on articles on the internet, they know pools like the back of their hand.

They have expert eyes on the signs and symptoms of a problem and can give you excellent advice based on their evaluation.

Also, when they work, they ensure complete safety. They are trained and have had to pass required certifications as a professional contractor.

They offer preventive maintenance, inspections and interventions.

While you may be able to perform your swimming pool cleaning as it can be a simple process, other maintenance-related requirements can involve more than simply ensuring fresh, germ-free water.

Surely, for example, you know the right amount of chlorine to add when you replace the water in your pool. But there’s more to swimming pool maintenance than just cleaning it.

You also need to do preventive inspections to see if a component of your pool is still okay to use. And when you find anything that is close to its expiry or predict that a component might need replacement soon, you should be able to take the appropriate action.

And you can do that on your own given the correct expertise but most private pool owners won’t even have the time to do so. 

And of course, nothing beats a professional’s expert eyes and solutions.

A professional swimming pool maintenance service will inspect your pool and all of its components holistically, ensuring that nothing is left to chance.

Remember that one active wire left open or a slippery area can cause a severe accident for your pool users.

You don’t want that. And you can avoid these problems with a professional doing expert maintenance work on your pool.

They are up to date with the latest technology.

Day by day, technology improves the way we enjoy things, keep things safe and reduce costs.

When you consult with a professional swimming pool maintenance service provider, they will be able to offer you the latest technology that you may want to employ. And these new tools and components can improve the safety, features and energy efficiency of your pool.

They can ensure that your pool meets local ordinances

Owning a pool can be like owning a car. And surely there can be government-imposed regulations you may need to pass and continue adhering to as a pool owner.

The government usually puts these regulations in place to ensure the safety of your home or property and the houses and people around you.

But having to keep up with these standards can be a hassle to do on your own.

With a professional swimming pool maintenance service, you can ensure that your pool passes any requirement that enables you to own and use it every time.

They can keep your pool in excellent condition for longer

As for anything you may own, proper maintenance of your swimming pool can help you enjoy it for a longer time. And the best people to do that are experts.

Swimming Pool Maintenance

When you hire a professional swimming pool maintenance service, you can ensure that your pool and its components won't quickly wear and tear. And you can enjoy a safe and clean swimming pool that will last you for decades.

Hire an Expert Swimming Pool Maintenance Service Today

If you are looking to make your life as a private pool owner easy and convenient, and want to ensure a safe, enjoyable and excellent pool for you and your family and friends to use every time, you need an expert to look after it for you.

And the best for the job is our company, Clean Living Pool and Spa. We are experts in pool maintenance, repairs, preventive solutions and upgrades.

We make it convenient for you to own a clean pool in your property.

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