March 3, 2022

Easy Steps to Clean Swimming Pool Filters in Las Vegas, NV

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Just as kidneys are important to your body, so are pool filters to your pool.

Pool filters are essential parts of any pool. Their work is to purify your pool water, maintaining the water healthy, clear, and pure.

According to Forbes, the frequency of cleaning pool filters depends on how often the pool is used.

Some of the indicators that your pool filters need cleaning include a clogged drain and pool odor, or slow water flow.

However, if your pool has a cartridge system, it is recommended to clean it monthly.

If it has a diatomaceous earth (DE) filter, you should disassemble it and clean every three months.

Types of Swimming Pool Filters

There are various types of swimming pool filters and each has unique cleaning requirements.

  1. Sand Filter-Water is purified by passing through a layer of sand. It is known for its low required maintenance and durability.
  1. Cartridge Filter-This is a modern filter that purifies water using a cartridge that is made from synthetic or organic fiber. Although they are expensive, they are the easiest to clean and maintain. Old or damaged cartridges are replaceable.
  1. Diatom Filter-Water is purified by passing through a powder that is made from diatoms. Diatoms are aquatic micro-organisms that are found in oceans and waterways.

In this guide, we will focus on the steps of cleaning pool cartridge filters.

Cartridge filters are the most common filters used in most modern pools.

You can easily know your cartridges are dirty by monitoring the water pressure. When clean, the pressure is high and vice versa.

You can clean your pool’s cartridge filters in two ways:

  • Manual cleaning
  • Chemical Cleaning

How to Clean Your Swimming Pool Cartridges Manually

Clean Swimming Pool Filters

Materials needed: A garden hose, water, air compressor.

Step 1: Turn off the pool system

The first rule of thumb is that you never work on any pool equipment while it’s running. 

Step 2: Open the filtration system

Filtration systems can be challenging to open. You can read the user manual given when you purchased the system from your provider.

You can either press or use claws to open your pool filtration system. CAUTION: There is a great deal of pressure in water filtration systems. Make sure the pressure has been properly released before you attempt to open the filter housing.

If you’re still not sure how to remove it, contact experienced technicians to do the work for you.

Step 3: Remove the Cartridge Filters

Depending on the model of your filtration tank, you can now see up to four filters.

Remove them carefully, one by one.

Set them in an open and dry ground. Ensure that the ground’s drainage is perfect and flat.

Step 4: Inspect the filters for damage

Anytime you clean your cartridge filters, make sure you check for cracks in the filter’s plastic housing.

Due to wear and tear, it is normal to find cracks in your cartridge filter. 

Even the smallest cracks can affect the filters’ ability to filter water. If you find cracks in your filter, it is good to replace them with new ones for optimal performance. If the membranes look worn or torn, you should replace them in order to maintain proper filtration.

Step 5: Remove the debris from the filter

After inspecting for damages, it is now time to remove the dirt from your cartridge filter.

The common process of doing this is by applying a water spray on the filter using a garden hose or pressure washer.

Wash off any sticky material you can see on your cartridge filter. Spray the filter from top to down and between the pleats.

P.S- The debris removal process should happen immediately after removing your filters from the tank. If you delay, the debris in your filters will dry, making them harder to remove.

Step 6: Dry the cartridge filters

Once you have removed all the debris from the filters, lay them in the sun to dry. Always wash your filters early on a sunny day.

The sun kills algae and bacteria that might be hidden in your cartridge filter.

Step 7: Remove loose particles from your filter

After confirming that your filter is dry, it is time to use an air compressor to blow off loose debris.

You can also shake your filters while blowing them to remove tiny debris.

After your filter is visually clean, you can return it back to the filtration system.

If the filters look oily after removing them from the sun, consider chemical cleaning.

How to Clean Your Pool Filters Using Chemicals

Chemical cleaning is where you apply chemicals to your cartridges to remove dirt.

In this DIY process, you need the following chemicals to get started:

  • Trisodium Phosphate (TSP) powder. It is one of the common cleaning agents used by several households.
  • Hydrochloric Acid (HCL). It is applied to kill algae and bacteria in the cartridge filters.
  • A sizeable plastic can that can wholly submerge the chemicals and the filters.
  • A nozzle spray
  • Silicon paste to rubricate the filters

Step 1: Read the guides carefully and mix the chemicals in your plastic can.

Step 2: Insert the cartridge filters in the can carefully and wait for an hour or two.

Step 3: Remove the cartridges carefully and set them out to dry.

Step 4: Spray and relubricate the filters

Step 5: Inspect for cracks and return the filters back to the filtration system

Why You Should Hire a Pool Cleaning Company to Clean Your Pool Filters in Las Vegas, NV

Clean Swimming Pool Filters

A pool is a luxury for lounging with family and friends. But once everyone has left your pool, every dirt, pollen, sweat, and debris is left in your pool.

An optimal filtration system can be of great help, but you need other expenses like buying chemicals, repair, cleaning, and routine maintenance.

Why go through the hassle yet a company can do it at affordable rates? 

At Clean Living Pool and Spa, we are a family-owned pool cleaning and maintenance company. We have been servicing North Las Vegas, Summerlin, and Centennial as pool cleaners since 2012. We offer quality pool cleaning and maintenance services to pool owners in Las Vegas, NV.

We also repair and clean pools, clean cartridge filters, and offer consultancy services to pool beginners, step-by-step.

Contact us today to enjoy our quality pool cleaning and maintenance services in Las Vegas, NV.


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