January 24, 2023

What Are The Different Ways You Can Heat Your Las Vegas Pool?

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Las Vegas is well known for its warm desert climate, and one of the most popular ways to enjoy it is by lounging poolside. although temperatures in Las Vegas often soar into triple digits, winter gets quite cold as well.  Owning a heated pool can be essential if you wish to keep swimming all year round.

There are various heating methods you can use within your own home or business to ensure that your water temperature reaches optimal levels at any time.

Whether you prefer traditional heat pumps, solar panels, electric resistors, or more creative solutions such as thermal blankets and coverings - today's post will discuss the different types of pool heating technology available on the market!

Read on for everything from efficiency analysis and pros/cons to installation tips – so grab a towel and dive in!

Why Heat Your Pool?

Before we get into the specifics, let's discuss why you may want to invest in a pool heating solution. No matter how warm the days in Las Vegas may be, most people find that a heated pool is simply more pleasurable to swim in than cold water.

Maintaining a consistent temperature also reduces the number of bacteria and other contaminants that can accumulate in your pool, creating a healthier environment for everyone to enjoy.

Properly heated pools can also help reduce water evaporation rates (upto 95%)– meaning there will be less water loss. 

Types of Pool Heating Technologies 

Here are s few of the most popular types of pool heating technologies you can use in Las Vegas: 

1. Heat Pump 

What Are The Different Ways You Can Heat Your Las Vegas Pool

Heat pumps are one of the most efficient ways to heat your Las Vegas swimming pool. Heat pumps use an air-source exchanger and a refrigerant system, transferring heat from the air surrounding your pool into the water itself.

Heat pumps are known to be 40-60% more efficient than gas heaters and can reach temperatures up to 88°F (31°C). For residential use, an air-to-air heat pump's heating capacity in the heating cycle is usually between 2 and 16 kW.

The main downside of heat pumps is that they must be installed outdoors and can quickly become blocked by debris or dirt.

If you install a heat pump, maintain it regularly for best results. Those who live in colder climates may also need a more powerful heat pump

2. Solar Pool Heating

What Are The Different Ways You Can Heat Your Las Vegas Pool

Solar pool heating is another excellent option for those in the Las Vegas area. Solar pool heating uses your existing pool pump to circulate heated water from solar panels back into your pool.

This is a great way to save energy and money, as solar heating systems require very little power. In addition, solar panels can reach temperatures up to 90 °F (32 °C), which means they're best suited for warmer climates.

Solar pool heating systems are also elementary to install and cost-effective in the long run. Whether you install a complete system or just add solar panels on top of your existing pool heater, you'll be able to save energy and reduce your carbon footprint. 

These solar panels can even last for up to 20 years.

3. Electric Resistance Heaters

What Are The Different Ways You Can Heat Your Las Vegas Pool

Las Vegas sometimes experiences power outages, so electric resistance heaters may not be the best choice for those who don't want to risk losing their pool heat.

Electric resistance heaters are powered by electricity and use a resistive element to heat the pool water. While these heaters are more expensive to run than the others, they reach high temperatures quickly and can maintain those temperatures even during power outages.

Electric resistance heaters are also easy to operate and maintain, making them a great choice for those who don't have time to mess around with more complex pool heating solutions

In terms of energy, it is determined that electric resistance heating is around 15% efficient for heating household hot water and 6% efficient for heating living spaces.

4. Thermal Blankets and Coverings

What Are The Different Ways You Can Heat Your Las Vegas Pool

Thermal blankets are made from polyethylene foam which is then covered with a UV-resistant material.

Thermal blankets help to reduce the amount of water evaporation and keep heat in, saving you money on energy costs.

They are also easy to install and take off, making them an excellent choice for those who want to save time and energy.

Although these blankets can keep your pool warm, they are not a good option if you swim below 65°F (18°C).

Benefits of Heating Your Las Vegas Pool

What Are The Different Ways You Can Heat Your Las Vegas Pool
  • Cost-efficient

Most pool heating solutions are designed to be cost-effective, and many offer significant savings on energy bills in the long run. This is because most pool heating systems are designed only to heat the water when necessary and require minimal maintenance.

The typical CoP of certain heaters is between 0.80 and 0.85.

  • Convenience

Pool heating technology allows you to enjoy your pool any time of the year, no matter how cold it gets outside. This can be a huge benefit for those wishing to use their pool in the winter when temperatures outside are too low for swimming.

  • Healthier environment

Keeping your pool's temperature comfortable helps reduce bacteria levels and other contaminants. This creates a healthier environment for you and your family or guests to enjoy.

  • Long-lasting

Most pool heating systems are designed to last for many years, so you won't have to worry about replacing your system anytime soon. For example, a pool heater that runs on propane or natural gas may be expected to last anywhere from 7 to 12 years.

If you choose a quality system, you'll be able to enjoy your pool all year round without having to worry about costly repairs or replacements.

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