April 3, 2022

6 Steps to Vacuum A Pool (Ground Pool & Inground Pool)

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Do you want to keep your swimming pool free from dirt and debris? Then you must put in the work and vacuum it as frequently as you can. 

Vacuuming the pool - whether above ground or inground - ensures the chemicals put in it, like chlorine, work efficiently, and the water pH stays balanced. 

You may have an automatic pool cleaner, but you still need to vacuum and sweep your pool. This is because an automatic pool cleaner cannot remove algae from the pool walls and floor. 

However, before we dive into the steps you must follow when vacuuming your pool, be sure you have the right equipment. This will save you lots of time and even money.

Vacuum Head: This is one of the most essential requirements when vacuuming your pool. The vacuum head functions to remove dirt from the bottom of the pool.

Vacuum Hose: A vacuum hose is connected to the vacuum head and the skimmer. It functions to provide the sucking power of the debris. 

Telescope Pool Pole: This tool is attached to the vacuum head cleaning, skimmers, leaf rakes, and brushes. It assists in brushing, skimming, and scrubbing the pool floor.

Pool Skimmer Net: The purpose of a skimmer net is to remove any floating material from the pool, such as leaves, twigs, and insects.

Pool Brush: Like the name, it functions to brush out dirt and algae from the pool floor and walls. 

You are now ready to start vacuuming your pool with all these materials.

The following are 6 steps you must follow to vacuum your inground or ground pool.

  1. Assemble the pool vacuum.
  2. Connect the skimmer.
  3. Select the filter valve setting.
  4. Start vacuuming.
  5. Disconnect and change the filter settings.
  6. Do a final cleanup.

Step No. 1: Assemble the pool vacuum.

When you purchase a pool vacuum, it does not come complete and ready to use. You have to assemble it on your own. 

Before assembling your pool vacuum, ensure that the pump and filter are working correctly. Secondly, attach the vacuum head to the open end of the telescope pool pole. 

Thirdly, place one end of the hose on the head of the vacuum, and the other end to the pool skimmer.

Tmake sure there is no air in the hose because long periods of running without water can damage the pump.

The vacuum inlet should be the only line open to the pump. This prevents any debris from getting sucked into your pump.

Step No. 2: Connect the skimmer

Gently remove the hose from the water while placing a finger over the opening. After that, remove the skimmer basket and create a seal with the hose and the skimmer.

Steps to Vacuum A Pool

The purpose of the skimmer is to filter any tiny contaminants when the pool pump draws water from the skimmer. 

Step No. 3: Select the filter valve setting.

The setting of the filter depends on the type of vacuuming. If you are doing light vacuuming, set the filter valve to "filter." 

If the vacuuming is bigger and there is more debris in the pool, set the filter valve to "waste."

However, remember that using the "waste" setting will drain the water in the pool. To fix this, have a garden hose stand by to replace the water lost.

Step No. 4: Star Vacuuming

Like the regular vacuum used to clean a carpet, vacuuming a pool is done similarly. Move it in slow linear passes because a fast pace will stir up the dirt and not suck it up.

Begin by vacuuming the shallow end as you gradually move to the deep end. If your pool is too dirty, stop after a short time and empty the debris from the pump strainer.

Continue in the same manner until all the dirt is collected. If the water becomes cloudy, stop and let it settle.  If the vacuum head gets stuck at any point, turn off the pump to stop the suction.

Step No. 5: Disconnect and change the filter settings.

Once the pool is clean, disconnect the hose and vacuum head. Clean the bottom of the skimmer and change back the filter settings to normal. 

Step No. 6: Do a final cleanup.

For the final touch, attach the telescope pool pole to the brush and then scrub the bottom and sides of the pool. Remember also to backwash the filter.

Steps to Vacuum A Pool

If you have a cartridge filter, spray the cartridges with a garden hose, then return them to the filter. 

Check the chlorine, pH, and alkalinity levels of the pool water, and it will be ready to use. Most importantly, store your equipment properly because you will need them again.

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Steps to Vacuum A Pool

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